Summary (Success Secrets - Series 1 to 7) - An Important Understanding

Our minds are a wonderful resource of knowledge packed with information from our lives experiences.

Although we have this wonderful source of knowledge, we're consciously limited to considering a certain number of different pieces of information at any one time. So, if we want to be effective then we must direct our thoughts.

Imagine your mind is a dimly lit library containing everything you have ever thought, seen, heard, tested, smell or felt. Now imagine your conscious attention is like a torch which can illuminate a very small section of the dimly lit library at any one time.

Since you do not know how to consciously recall all this information at once, you need to be selective with what you concentrate on and trust your unconscious mind to supply the resources you need from your library.

Most people never achieve the success they desire because they are scattered, flashing their torch from one thing to the next.

To be successful you must concentrate and focus. This means directing your torch towards your ultimate goals.

Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. Alexander the Great conquered what was then his known world and beyond...

They were all wildly successful at what they did and achieved their place in history through passion and intense concentration.

Note: Make my success secret - series 1 to 7 your close pal as long as you sleep and wake up. Introduce them one at a time. Start by forming some good habits like getting up a little earlier and focussing on one of your goals.
If you find yourself not achieving what you want in life then go over these principles and take an honest look at yourself. Which ones are you not properly implementing?

Inch By Inch And Anything's A Cinch (Success Secrets - Series 7)

Hot on the heels of the consistency principle is the law of growth.

In fact these two success secrets when used together form the basis of almost ALL long term success.

The law of growth states that if you increase your efficiency or concentration or applied knowledge or your understanding by just 1% each and every day then the improvement over an entire year will be colossal.

If you simply added the 1% up over a year you'd have improved 365%. The actual amount when compounded is substantially more!

Success is a progression of small steps, one building on another eventually creating monumental momentum. For instance, before you can become a millionaire, you need to earn $100,000. Before that you need to earn $10,000. Before that you need to earn $1,000. Before that you need to earn $100 and before that you need to earn $1.

The law of growth is achieved by taking things step by step. You only get to take the big steps once you've done the smallest ones first.

The key to continual improvement and growth is enthusiasm. You have to get passionate at what you do. Couple this with good habits and consistency and you'll be shocked and amazed at what you can achieve.

 Note: Keep an ideas, discovery and progress journal. Refer to it regularly. Visualise yourself improving before you go to sleep. There's phenomenal power in setting the rest of your mind to work while you sleep!

The Consistency Principle (Success Secrets - Series 6)

Everyone has at least one movement in their lives when they were 'great' for a while. It might be the first time they said a work or when they took their first few steps as a child. Perhaps it was an exam they sat and passed.

The point is we have ALL tasted success at some point. The difference between the average person and the very successful is therefore consistency.

It's not rocket science. People who are very successful do things which move them towards their goals on a daily basis. They keep doing the things which bring them the results they want.

It's easy to do something well once. It's easy to do something you don't want to do once.
Real power lies in repeating these moments again and again.
A wealthy businessman once said, "You're either consistent or non - existent".

We already have great consistency on our lives. Most of us regularly breathe, move, sleep, eat and drink like clockwork. You know how to do this.

The successful see no difference in taking regular actions to feed their dreams as they do to feed their stomachs.

You either become consistent towards your desires or you end up wasting most of your potential.

Note: Find someone you can be accountable to. Each week send them a list of what you have achieved during the week and include what you also planned to do yet didn't complete. Then write down your general goals for the following week and repeat the process 7 days later. Get them to respond likewise. There's great power in getting accountable for your actions.

Go After The Carrot (Success Secrets - Series 5)

We are often motivated away from pain first and towards pleasure second. This is a HUGE mistake to make when it comes to achieving your desires.

Often people get bogged down in how to do something rather than what they get from achieving the outcome they have set themselves.

People think about the pain involved in the process instead of visualizing the pleasure of the reward on completion.

If you focus on the reward rather than the process you will find procrastination is easily defeated.

Here's a dynamite 3 step formula to blast procrastination away... Simply say to yourself:
1.      What is the one thing I don't want to do and yet if I did it, it would move my life and/ or business forward? Answer this yourself
2.      How will I benefit from doing it? Answer this yourself
3.      Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Act

By doing for the carrot you focus your concentration towards success rather than allowing various reasons for failure to confuse your mind.

Note: Write down your major goals in life first thing every day and visualize yourself attaining them. Add as much details as you can and really bring the pictures alive in your mind. Let the emotions of excitement and pleasure build up inside you. Use this as motivation towards your goal.

Guard Your Time Like A Hawk (Success Secrets - Series 4)

You can usually tell how successful someone is by how much they respect their time.

Your time on this earth is finite, it's ticking down for you this very minute.

Imagine you're in a rocking chair at the age of 70 years. When you look back on your life do you want to see you fritted it away or would you prefer to be able to smile and know you did what you truly desired?

It's what you do with your time that matters. Remember, your time is precious. Time itself is unmanageable despite all the 'time management' waffle in print. It goes on doing its thing regardless of you. The answer to "time management" is to manage your actions instead.

Don't allow others to take your time and break your concentration when they feel like it.
This means cutting out distractions when you are working and prioritizing your actions.

Do you think you can usually pick up the phone and get straight through to someone who is very successful?
I don't think so.
You need to make an appointment first which gets allocated to you by them. They are in control of what they do with their time.

Note: Every day set aside at least one prime time action hour (preferably more - I have 5) where you only work towards your most important goals.
Accept no distraction. Do not answer the phone; read the mails, read emails, talk to co-workers, friends, family or even pets!
Respect and protect time.