Happy New Year

Happy New Year Dearie!

I hope 2016 is going to be a great year for you.  A year in which you have great achievements.  A prosperous year.  A year of joy, peace and love!

Kind regards


GirlsAffair: Set Goals

GirlsAffair: Set Goals: The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. Cheers...

Set Goals

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.


Ponder on it.



A teacher asked her students to bring some tomatoes in a plastic bag to school. Each tomato was to be given a name of the person whom that student hated.

This way, the number of tomatoes would be equal to the number of persons each student hated.

On the decided day, the children brought their tomatoes well addressed. Some had two, some had three and some had  five, some even had 20 tomatoes in accordance with the number of pple each student hated.

The teacher told them they were to carry the tomatoes with them everywhere they went for the next 2 weeks.
As the days passed, the students started to complain about the spoilt and smelly tomatoes. Students who had many tomatoes complained it was very heavy to carry and the smell was too much.
After 1 week, the teacher asked the students "How did you feel this week?"
The Children complained of the smell & heavy weight of the tomatoes especially those who carried more tomatoes.
The teacher said, "This is very similar to what you carry in your heart when you don't like some people. Hatred makes the heart unhealthy and you carry that hatred everywhere.
If you can't bear the smell of spoilt tomatoes for a week, imagine the impact on your heart that you carry throughout your life !."

The Heart is a beautiful garden that needs regular cleaning of unwanted weeds.
Forgive those who have angered you.
This makes room for storing good things..

Get better, not bitter

May the good Lord strengthen us so that we can forgive those who wrong us and take away every hatred we have in our hearts.

👉 As the year is coming to an end, forgive anyone who has offended you. Say sorry to those you've offended too and DO NOT carry your hurts and pain of others into the New Year.

Imagine how your heart will be🙊

Have a fresh start in the new year.


My thought Today

Read this slowly 

My thoughts today.

Igwe was very upset at the public health sector in Nigeria and thought of what to do to restore order. So he infused a medical solution semen into the spermatozoa of Mr. Chukwuka and ensured it fertilized the eggs of Chidinma to create an entry passage for Chris. 

As Chris was born Igwe was excited that finally Nigerians would have rest from their medical problems but Chukwuka saw a boy who must preserve the lineage and remove the shame of poverty from the family.
He was brought up in the way of the Lord and told the highest aspirations in life is to serve God.

Chris became a medical doctor and was so good that he saved many lives but he never had peace because he kept seeing his work as secular and desired a spiritual work which he had been told was a higher calling.

Eventually Chris dropped stethoscope and started a church and felt so happy. He built some of the best auditoriums and drove the best cars. He flew all over the world for evangelism and led many to God. He was a successful pastor and highly respected but more people had died in the hands of incompetent doctors that replaced Chris. The more he bragged about his 75k weekly attendance the more the nation lost some of its best minds to avoidable deaths.

Eventually Chris was recalled by igwe and as he walked the streets of gold triumphantly hoping to finally be awarded his crown and ushered into his mansion. He was shocked that Igwe refused to see him. He reeled out several of his lovely projects that got the world drooling but Igwe's voice responded in anger.

 You have done good things which were not Right compared to the sole reason you being sent to Nigeria.
Chris was shocked and protested but he was shown the terms of engagement which stated 'Chris born and equipped to solve Nigerian's medical problem' 
Chris was immediately fired by Igwe because by his negligence more people died in his line of duty. 

To everyone Chris was a success but to God he was another unprofitable servant. 

Who is dieing because you have refused to mind your business?

Wickedness to God is your inability to use your God's given talent to serve humanity.

Are you doing the Right things or you are doing good things which are not right?

I honour you.

My Best 25 Insights For Year 2015.

Hi Everyone,

With a humble and wide open heart, I thank you for following + sharing + living + modelling my work over these past 12 months.

As we end another year, I wanted to offer up the 25 lessons that were of the greatest value to me over 2015.  

There's zero doubt we're building a global movement. And I'm counting on you to keep building it with me so we inspire all who walk on our path. I have very special plans to serve you even more richly in 2016... 

Please know, as we close out this year... 
Together, we are doing our part to grow positivity, inspire productivity, push audacity and radiate humanity on a planet that needs these more than ever before...and trust me, I love you for it! 

Ok. People, here are the  25 insights that served me best this year... 

#1. Being on time is hip. Keeping your promises is cool. Having good manners is in. 
#2. The greatest leaders build more leaders. Thus, happy people make happy leaders–which create happy teams. So work on your happiness. 
#3. As you rise in authentic power, craft and impact, some will throw rocks at you. Take the High Road. And trust that the truth always wins.
#4. A rare-air dream requires an explosively great team. The smartest way to grow a company is to develop your people. 
#5. A fast-growing company is a highly-vulnerable entity. As you scale, it’s so easy to stop doing the special things that made you special. Stay solid on your founding values. Work even harder to be of service. Push even more passionately for mastery.
#6. Never miss a single opportunity to help another human being. At the end, our highest honour will come from our influence on others. 
#7. The illusion of safety is always more dangerous than the discomfort of innovation. 
#8. Generosity is the cure for scarcity. Be the most giving person in every room you’re in and life will reward you with uncommon blessings. Remember: doing good in expectation of some return is no gift–it’s an exchange. 
#9. Achievement without joy is failure, not winning. 
#10. Watch the sunset every night in acute celebration of the gift of yet another day. 
#11. Remember your heroic nature. And lift all those who intersect your life. There are no extra people alive today. You matter. More than you know. 
#12. A smile to a stranger is a gift of vast proportions. 
#13. Busy isn’t productivity. Fake work isn’t real work. Fight for focus. And execute on what counts. 
#14. Love is the antidote to fear. 
#15. Exceptional physical fitness is a game-changer. 
 #16. You can never give others more love than you deliver to yourself. 
#17. Legendary performers are generated via their daily rituals more than their inherited talents. 
#18. Life’s a series of seasons. We each have our times in the sunlight, and our days in the winters. Savour the easy runs and leverage the challenges to fuel compassion, courage, creativity and decency. All is good. The universe is a friendly place [Thanks Einstein]. 
#19. Writing of gratitude in a journal allows you to relive the more beautiful parts of your life on a daily basis. 
#20. Business is a dialogue. Lose the dialogue with those you serve and you’ll lose the business. Period. And always remember who puts food on your table. 
#21. Meditation is a genius practice on your pursuit towards genius. Rewires the brain, releases serotonin and lights you all up. Do it daily. 
#22. An obsession isn’t unhealthy unless it’s an unhealthy obsession. 
#23. A job is only a job if you fall into the trap of perceiving it as a job. All work is a spectacular opportunity to polish your craft, push your edges, transcend your fears and bring greater light into the world. 
#24. Just because others don’t live your values doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand for your values. Martin Luther King, Jr: “Until you’ve found something you’re willing to die for you’re not fit to live.” 
#25. Why worry about a disrupted economy when you can build your own economy via the pursuit of mastery. 

I wish you a happy + healthy + brilliant remains of 2015. 

I Appreciate You...

Hi everyone ,

I just wanted to take this chance to wish you and
all those you love a Merry Christmas.

I have loved you being a part of my forum,
and being an avid reader of my blog.
It really has been a pleasure sharing my insights
with you.

I hope that 2016 brings you year of happiness,
fulfillment, and success in all things that you desire

Happy Holidays!


Season Greetings

Compliments of the season to everyone. 
Thanks so much for all you have done all year round. May God bless and prosper your works.
I appreciate you all for daily reading my post. 


GirlsAffair: You Need to View this Clip.

RGirlsAffair: You Need to View this Clip.: An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns o...

You Need to View this Clip.

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.

You need to watch this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh1nueKoiWE&sns=gp


Give it a Thought.

Reaching your greatest potential doesn’t require you to work harder by adding desirable habits to your already busy life. Instead you can work smarter by eliminating the routines that erode effectiveness and siphon off mental strength.


Be Joyful Always

If we want to experience more than what a temporary state of happiness can provide, we must make joy our aim rather than happiness.

In today's social-media-soaked world, it's easy to look around and feel like your life doesn't hold a candle to all those shiny, happy people on vacation, enjoying coffee with charming friends, or buying a beautiful new home. It's hard to remember that Fakebook is just that — we're comparing the polished version of people's lives with our messy, un-photoshopped truth.

Are you rejoicing today? Today, let's take Yhemmy's challenge and declare "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

Thanks A Million - You are well Appreciated

Happy birthday to me! 

It’s my Birthday and this has been a very important and special year for me… 

 Happy birthday to me! 

 I thought it a great opportunity to celebrate my DAY by sharing 38 words of astuteness like shining, flickering trick candles that don’t go out no matter how much you try to blow them out. And greatest of all you still get your wish. 

1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t diminish your achievements. Set your own standards. 
2. The journey is much more important than the destination. 
3. Educate yourself, form your own opinions and give yourself the freedom to change your mind. 
4. Be truthful, patient, persevering, modest and generous to all that come on your way or in contact with you. 
5. You can do more than you think you can. 
6. Stop caring what others think of you and begin caring about what you think of yourself. 
7. You are not your emotions. 
8. Everything happens for a reason. 
9. Remain slightly aloof. Do not let everyone know everything about you. Cultivate a mystique. 
10. Say YES to new opportunities, especially if you’re scared and excited. 
11. The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. It lies in having no goals to reach.  12. Get the most out of life’s experiences by anticipating what’s to come, being present in the moment and remembering it well. 
13. Try everything once, adopting what works for you and leaving what doesn’t for others. 
14. Be the master of your will but the servant of your 
15. Value freedom of expression and freedom of speech and respect everyone’s right to these freedoms. 16. Where ever you go, there you are. So take the time to fall in love with yourself. 
17. Every choice you make shapes your life. The 
small, frequent ones more so than the singular gestures. 
18. Remember this ancient Indian proverb: "if you conquer your mind, you conquer the world." 
19. Do more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t. 
20. Perspective is everything and you can never try too many. 
21. Never apologise for being yourself and never use it as an excuse. 
22. You can only change yourself but in doing so you can change the world. 
23. Make a new friend or acquaintance every day. Keep an updated list of all contacts close at hand. Rich relationships are the DNA of a rich, rewarding life. 
24. You have permission to make your own choices and take your own actions. 
25. Surround yourself with the thoughts and examples you want for yourself, absorb them and become them. 
26. Make room in your life, let go of something old and you will summon something new. 
27. Strive to be humble and live a simple life. 28. Language matters. Explore the meaning of words and find the ones that empower you. 
29. Never underestimate the power of a positive thought. Wield as many as you can. 
30. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. (Thank you, Gretchen Rubin.) Indulge your curiosity, follow your inspiration and grow into the best version of you. 
31. Lasting change requires two things: a plan and the motivation to tackle it. Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles; it takes away today's PEACE. Don't worry, be Happy. 
32. There is real magic in our world. Delight in it. 
33. Love actually is all around. 
34. Life is one amazing experiment. 
35. There are no failures, only hypothesis tested where every result is a success. 
36. Dream. Imagine. Be your own fairy godmother. 
37. Make every one of your days a true masterpiece. Remember, the old saying: "it's not who you think you are that holds you back but what you think you're not." 
38. Every day you stay faithful, every test you pass or obstacle you overcome, you are storing up equity and blessing for future generations. 

Finally, remember the ‘Three Simple Rules in Life’: 
1. If you do not GO after what you want, you'll never have IT. 
2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO. 
3. If you do not step FORWARD, you'll always be in 
the same CHEERS. 

The message is powerful... BE the kind of person who always takes action. LIVE life on YOUR terms - Make your life happen on purpose. Manifest your DREAMS, take action.  
 (c) 2015 - Olayemi Agboola  

Never Stop Being Your True Self 

Anytime you act in-authentically or make decisions that don’t serve your best interest, you become further detached from yourself. Life will seem more difficult, because you are in opposition of what your heart truly wants. When you stop thinking about what to be and just BE, that allows you to tap into the natural flow of the universe, and life will start working with you, not against you.
Don’t try to label yourself, over think your words or actions, or limit your expression; all of these will pull you back into the struggle that many people feel because they stifle their uniqueness. As a child, you didn’t even think twice about what to say or do, you just lived. Adopt that same mentality today, and you will feel much more free and in alignment with your true essence. 

Once you fully love yourself and have no problem expressing that to the world, other people will notice. They may feel jealous of you and try to bring you down, but most people will probably look up to you and ask for your advice. By becoming who you were meant to be, you will encourage other people to do the same without having to utter a word to them. 
People can just feel when others are comfortable and happy with themselves, and it opens up a space for other people to be themselves. Do you see how impactful this can be? If everyone acted in accordance with their true nature, our world would reflect a more loving, conscious, vibrant reality. 

When you strip away everything that no longer serves you and all the conditioning from your past about who you should be, you will start to notice that people on a similar vibration come into your world almost effortlessly. As this happens, people who you no longer mesh with will fall to the wayside, and friendships seem much more enjoyable. 
People who have a firm grip on themselves and know what they want from life tend to have deeper, more meaningful connections with others, because they have knocked down all the walls that once imprisoned them. They have freed themselves, and they naturally attract others who live with no limits. 

Everyone came here to accomplish something different, but unless you really know yourself, it will seem much more difficult to figure out your mission. However, as you go within more and let that inner voice speak to you, it will guide you to fulfilling your destiny without you really having to try. The key to being yourself is to not try, not struggle, not demand answers, not beg, not worry, but just BE. 
Then, as you surrender to the universe and rediscover your highest self, it will become very clear what you came here to do. By not living authentically, you will probably work in a job you hate, thinking you have no way out. One huge motivator for being yourself should be getting to follow your purpose in life and not clocking in hours at a job that feels like drudgery to you. 

If you live in any way that goes against your soul, you will probably make hurried, poor decisions about your life and end up feeling stuck. Stepping into your own light will lift the veil that once concealed the better parts of life, allowing you to make more informed decisions that align with your vibration. When you give in to societal norms and follow the herd, you will probably put too much weight in other’s opinions rather than listening to what your own heart wants. 
For example, your family might want you to go to medical school because your dad is a doctor, and you know that isn’t your passion. But, you go anyway, because you believe that you will feel happier by satisfying them. 


Your Bigger Dream

What is your dream?

How big is your dream?

Do you have a dream that’s bigger than you? If not, why not?

Why not dream one size bigger?

Remember, you can achieve significant things—if you invite others to help you.

How have you done at finding people to partner with you in achieving your dream?

I believe your first step is to approach people who are already making a difference in their own way. Then you need to communicate clearly about your big dream. Paint a picture of the significance story you’d like to write together.

And invite them to join you.

Together, you can achieve great things and make a great change in your world.


GirlsAffair: The CHANGE you need?

GirlsAffair: The CHANGE you need?: Hello Everyone,  It's GirlsAffair forum, and I want to ask you.  Have you ever hit a point in your life where you just fel...

The CHANGE you need?

Hello Everyone, 

It's GirlsAffair forum, and I want to ask you. 

Have you ever hit a point in your life where you just felt STUCK?

You know, a moment where you just want things to be different?

I often get emails from people who feel frustrated with where they are in life and they simply don’t know how to move forward.

If you ever ask yourself these questions and aren’t happy with your answers…

‘Do I enjoy my life everyday?’ 
‘Am I happy with my job/career?’
‘Am I making a difference?’ 
‘Is there anything holding me back?’

… Then make sure you implement these 2 strategies to spring your life into action starting today:

Strategy 1 - Declutter

Yes, it’s important that you organize your closet, get rid of old stuff and clean your inbox, but it’s most important todeclutter your thoughts and ensure you have a positive mindset that’s aligned with your current goals. 

Let go of your emotional baggage, and let go of toxic people that bring you down… rather seek the company of like-minded individuals that share your passions and inspire you to be better.

Strategy 2 - Embrace change 

If you’re not satisfied with your relationships, your weight, your job, or your life in general, take a step today towards ‘that goal’ you’ve been putting off (you know the one)!

Step out of your comfort zone and connect with new people, travel to a different place, or start looking for a job that excites you if you’re not loving your current career.

This may sound scary at first, but once you embrace this invitation to review your life and renew yourself, you’ll find yourself in a world of positivity.

Build The Mental Picture

Thrive to build the mental picture of what you want, not what someone else wants you to have, or what you think is your duty to have - but what you really want. Many people lead miserable lives of failure because they try to please others. Your life is a gift for you to live, not for someone else to live for you. Only what you sincerely want can make you happy. Build mental pictures upon that and nothing else.

Don't misunderstand me - when people who are normally pretty sensible suffer some setbacks and need assistance, we'll be happy to help. But the people who do this repeatedly will never learn their lesson if we keep bailing them out. If we follow the road of pleasing others, we're going down a dead-end street.

As Ponder says, our life is a gift to us, a life to live, and our own lessons to learn. We can focus our life around that, and learn to be better, more productive people with a positive outlook and a joyful life.

The best thing that we can do is fill our lives with people who have similar motivations to our own. We can then learn from each other, help each other, and grow faster and stronger than we would by ourselves. After all, if we're going to be in a group, it may as well be one that's making a positive difference in the world!


Daily Tips To Feel Good About Yourself.

This tools have been shared with lots of individual in my cycle and I have seen it working wonders in their relationship with themselves. Thus, if you’re open and willing, they really work.

You are at liberty to take what you like and leave what you don’t. See what works for you. I've watched all of these tips shift people's energy and help them shape healthy practices of self-love and self-care.

1. Set an intention for the day

When you wake up in the morning, write your intention down or say it to yourself first thing. For example, “My intention for today is to do my best for where I am now because I know I’ll feel good about it later.” This will set your day’s tone.

2. Meditate, just for two minutes.

Spend just two or 10 minutes a day in a calm space, quiet your mind, and notice your breath. The practice of meditation allows you to focus on your present so you can be more mindful in the moment and make the best choices for you.

3. Use mantras and affirmations.

You can recenter yourself with mantras and affirmation during any moment of the day when you start to feel “off,” or like you want to treat yourself unkindly. Make sure that what you’re saying feels true to you — telling yourself a lie in hopes it will make you feel better never works. A few of my favourite mantras are:

“I am open to possibility.”
“I am grateful for my struggles for they have shown me strength.”
“I choose to let love in and fear out,” and “I’m choosing to grow with grace.”
"I am moving forward and making progress on all that concerns me roundabout. "
"Always remember, it can't but get better."

4. Hone a 10-second breathing routine.

Instantly calm, re-center, and ground yourself by breathing in for 10 full seconds, holding your breath for the next 10 seconds, and slowly exhaling for 10 seconds after that. Repeat three to five times.

5. Start gratitude journaling.

Every morning or evening, take the time to simply write down one to five things you’re grateful for that day. A journaling practice will shift your perspective and help you find the good in your routine.

6. Write down one thing you love about you.

Once you finish your gratitude post, record a few things you appreciate about yourself and your body that day. Keep this practice simple so you actually do it! It doesn't require more than a bullet point or two.

7. Set an intention for your meal.

How do you want to show up for your meal? With grace? With the intention to honor your hunger and fullness? With the ability to simply taste your food and stop worrying about calories? Whatever comes up for you, set an intention for it. I promise that when you do, you’ll show up to your food in a newly mindful way that serves you and your health. (Mindful eating is important.)

8. Find ways to move your body that you actually enjoy.

If you’re having a hard time with this, think about what you used to do as a child and brainstorm how you can bring those moves into your life now. When you move your body out of love, you'll connect with yourself in a more meaningful way and you won't dread exercise nearly as much.

9. Tune into the way you talk to yourself.

If you wouldn’t talk to a friend to speak like that to you, don't speak like that to yourself. Try and remind yourself to re-frame your self-talk so it contains more positive mantras and affirmation.

10. Close your eyes and see yourself living your best life.

Once you do, think about how you feel when you're there. Let that feeling fill you up with light and warmth, and keep moving forward in a way that serves that ultimate ideal. (Another way to bring your dreams to life? Vision boards it )

11. Change your space.

Whether you're completing a difficult task, feeling tired and bored with your surroundings, or just need to change your energy, change your space. Go for a walk, call a friend, check your email, read a book, do something that makes you feel good. Only return once you're in a better state of mine.

12. Practice forgiveness.

Are you directing anger at someone or beating yourself up? Let it go, forgive and move on. Struggle is the only way to learn, so use it for self-love and growth. Choosing to forgive others doesn’t mean you need to agree with their actions, but it means you’re cutting negative cords so you can move on with your own life. Tell yourself that you are forgiving so that you can open up space to travel forward in your own journey.

13. Recall the positive.

When you feel like you've failed, it's easy to label yourself a failure. Recognise that this is just a feeling and it'll pass. And recall all the wonderful things you've accomplished and contributed to. Quiet that inner voice, and remember that you've felt like this before and you’ll get past it again. Always remember: you're never given more than you can handle.


Proven steps for making some serious progress and living your best life.

Hello Everyone, 

Let me take you through the 5-step proven process for making some serious progress and living your best life as we are winning down and making plans to approach another wonderful year.

1) Where am I now.
Firstly, you need to know who you are and what you're all about. What are you really passionate about? What motivates you? What drives you? What energises you? What skills do you have that you can earn an income from?

2) Where do I want to be.
Secondly, you need to get clarity around your purpose in life. It doesn't have to be an exact science, but understanding what your ideal life looks like will help you know what steps you need to take to create this reality. Having more clarity on this will help you identify opportunities that are presented to you to help you take action.

3) How will I get there.
Thirdly, you need a map. What steps are you going to take to create the reality of your ideal life? A sailor or pilot  without a compass or map is likely to get lost, waste time and end up feeling down. Life is no different. Your goals are your compass.

4) Action & Performance
Remember the biggest obstacle preventing you from living your best life? Doing nothing. To live your best life you need to make a change. It comes down to taking action.
It may take time to get there, but it all starts with that single step. One step leads to two. By now, you're walking. The momentum starts to build. Shortly, you're running. Momentum is a beautiful thing. Your goals and your ideal life become things that youknowwill eventuate.

5) Review & Revise
The final step in the process is to monitor how you are progressing. Are your actions helping you live your best life? What can you change in your life to help you create this reality even faster? Even better?

This framework has been proven to work over and over again across all cultures and throughout time.

My question to you is,are you ready to turn your passion into profit?

I certainly hope you are.


Dear All

You are royalty. A sovereign over the empires of potential within you. 

The hardships of life may have hypnotized you into 
forgetfulness of your greatness. 

The pain of dreams gone bad may have shuttered your passion and smothered your conviction. 

The arrows of jealous critics may have caused you 
to imprison the hero within. 

Please know: this day is a fresh chance. A miracle in 

This moment is a vast gift. 

This minute presents you with a blank canvass of acute possibility and breathtaking opportunity... 

...to reclaim the royalty you have been born into. To conquer vast new lands of compassion, creativity, audacity and humanity. 

You being alive today is no accident. There is a reason you are reading this. And a readiness deep within you to shed the shackles of past pain to make your rise to a new way of seeing 
the rest of your life. 

Rise up! Own your birthright for your unique form of 
greatness that we of the world demand from you. 

Be a light. Spot the gorgeousness of the future you 
can make, via the right thinking, speaking, behaving and producing (simply be the YOU of YOUR dream). 

One small step--done in a single minute of glory on this gift of a day--will be the beginning of a new way 
of being, when done consistently and devotedly. 

You deserve to remember your highness. To know the privileges of your royal--and finest self. And as you make the leap from your current life to the life 
that longs for you to know it, I will watch your star blaze. 

Because that's what I do. And we all will applaud your bravery. 

Much love + with boundless belief in the brilliance that you are. 

Happy Sunday to you all. 


Be Grateful for this Ten (10) things Every day

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to think about everything in our life that we are grateful for. 

In reality we have a LOT I should be grateful for. I’m sure if you take time to think about your life, you have a lot to be grateful for too.
No matter where you are in the world or what is going on in your life right now, I can promise you that showing gratitude for your blessings will make you happier, more successful, and will put you one step closer to achieving the abundant life you desire.

In rounding up for this year, I’d like to highlight 10 things that everyone should be grateful for each day. Enjoy!

#1: Family

Not everyone has a mother, a father, or even siblings, but all of us are blessed with family in one way or another. Remember, someone doesn’t have to be a blood relative to be family. Make sure you tell your family (blood related or not), that you are grateful for them.

#2: Your Mind

I’ve suffered from anxiety and various mental disorders for most of my life, but at the end of the day I still thank the heavens everyday that I have my mind. Our minds allow us to reason, to think creatively, and to make decisions that will impact our future. It’s important to show gratitude for your mind, even if it has its limitations.

#3: The Opportunity to Learn

Whether you’ve had a formal education or not, all of us have the opportunity to learn something new everyday. Isn’t it a blessing to be able to explore all the knowledge this world has to offer? Make sure to be grateful for the chance to learn.

#4: Your Mentors

Mentors are the people that inspire us, teach us, and help us become the best version of ourselves. If you’ve had an important mentor in your life, make sure you show gratitude for that person’s sacrifice on your behalf.

#5: The Sunrise

Each sunrise is a sign that you have another day to make an impact on the world. Even when you are experiencing challenges in your life, you can always find hope in a new sunrise.

#6: Trials

Our trials and challenges provide us with a unique opportunity to grow, mature and become better people. I’ve had my fair share of trials so I know it doesn’t feel great in the moment, but just keep reminding yourself that even trials will pass. Once they are over, you’ll be grateful you experienced them.

#7: Rainbows

Every time I see a rainbow I am reminded that everything will turn out ok. Isn’t it funny that we normally see rainbows when things aren’t going well in our lives? Remember that next time you see one.

#8: Your Career

Hopefully you work in a job and a career that you’re passionate about, but even if your job isn’t your favorite thing, it still provides you with the income you need to survive. Even on your bad days at work, remember to be grateful for your job.

#9: Your Home

No matter where home is for you, there is something special about having a place that is comfortable—that allows you an escape from the rest of the world. If you want your home to be a safe haven for you, make sure to express gratitude for it as often as you can.

#10: Love

Love is what binds all of us together, and at the end of the day, it’s love that gets us through all the challenges we face in life. If you feel like you don’t have enough love in your life right now, I encourage you to seek after it. Love can change lives for the better. If you have an abundance of love, be grateful for it each and every day.

Exposure to Loud Sounds

It’s very important to keep your ears from loud sounds if you don’t want to suffer from hearing loss anytime soon.
Protection with the help of earmuffs or earplugs is highly recommended if your work causes you to be exposed to noise all the time.
loud sounds
It’s also important to limit the time you spend listening to music using your earphones. And each time you do listen to them, try to keep the volume levels down.


7 Effective Ways to Reach a Compromise with Your Partner

If you want to have a lasting and healthy relationship, you should know how to reach a compromise with your better half. As an important part of any relationship, compromise can help you achieve mutual understanding and it can teach you to overcome the hardship of living together. Here are a few effective tips on how to reach a compromise with your partner.

1.  Identify the real problem don’t give way to emotions, but just try to identify the real problem.
If you pull other issues in, it will be impossible to find the compromise. It is necessary to reject all disagreements if you want to figure out the true issue. There is no doubt that real love can surmount many barriers. Stick to the real problem and it will be easier to reach a compromise with your partner.

2.  Listen to each other
Let your partner express their point of view. It doesn't mean that you should always agree with them, but it is important to take into account all opinions. Don't think only about yourself, because you can also make mistakes. You need to listen to each other and make exceptions if necessary.

3.  Be empathetic
When you listen to each other, try to be empathetic. Sometimes it is not enough to understand the situation and listen to each other. Try to be imbued with your partner's feelings and emotions. Your partner can be wrong, but they might not realize it, that's why you should handle the situation without conflicts. Try to put yourself in their shoes and it will be easier to reach a compromise.

4.  Tweak your compromise
Keep in mind that compromise is a kind of agreement that you can tweak every now and then. The main point is to identify the issue and stick to other points of a compromise. There is no need to focus on a certain agreement, because you can tweak it. Try to be open to your partner and communicate freely. Both of you will eventually feel happy if you use your diplomatic skills in resolving conflicts.

5.  Define what you want
It is difficult to come to a common decision if you don't exactly know what you want to get in some kind of a disagreement. Only you know what can make you feel okay and happy. Don't forget to take into account your partner's ideas and desires.

6.  Suggest a possible compromise
When you try to understand each other's feelings and state what you want, it's important that both of you suggest all possible compromises. If you have a big desire to reach a compromise, both of you should find a suitable outcome with a good grace. This new outcome will satisfy your interests to the maximum. It is necessary to suggest a great number of variants to solve your common problem.

7.  Don't fear to bend a little
Sure, much depends on the nature of your character. Don't be very proud and fundamental when it comes to your happiness. It is almost impossible for both of you to get what you want at once. That is why someone has to bend a little to reach a compromise. Your partner should also be ready to bend if necessary. You won't lose much, but you may have a chance to find a common ground and get rid of conflicts and live happily.

All you need is to follow these 7 rules and be reasonable if you want to reach a compromise. Life is full of situations which can ruin your love and relationship. Everything depends on your willingness to stay together against all the odds. Have you ever used the compromise as a tool to solve life problems?

Goal Setting

Goal Setting...
It's amazing just how many people set goals, yet the number of people that fail to achieve their goals is staggering.

Having a goal helps you focus your time and energy on the things that matter most in your life. Without goals, you can feel unsure of yourpurpose, what you want to do and where you want to go in life - ultimately leading to a lack of results and the potential for stress and a lack of feeling happiness.

If you have 60 seconds, I would love for you to set yourself a goal for today.Try itout for today. Challenge yourself and go over-and-above what you would normally do.

It can be anything that is important to you. Perhaps it's to meet someone new. Perhaps it's to write a page of your novel. Perhaps it's to exercise for 30 minutes. Whatever it is, make it challenging and push yourself.

Remember, Goal setting helps you achieve more.



One day, a professor entered his classroom and asked his students to prepare for a surprise test. 
They all waited anxiously at their desks for the exam to begin. The professor handed out the exams with the text facing down, as usual. 

Once, he handed them all out, he asked the students to turn over the papers. To everyone’s surprise, there were no questions–just a black dot in the center of the paper. The professor, seeing the expression on 
everyone’s faces, told them the following: “I want you to write about what you see there.” The students, confused, got started on the inexplicable task. 

At the end of the class, the professor took all the exams, and started reading each one of them out loud in front of all the students. All of them, with no exception, defined the black dot, trying to explain its position in the center of the sheet. After all had been read, the classroom silent, the professor started to explain: “I’m not going to grade you on this, I just wanted to give you something to think about. No one wrote about the white part of the paper. Everyone focused on the black dot – and the same thing happens in our lives. However, we insist on focusing only on the black dot – the health issues that bother us, the lack of money, the complicated relationship with a family member, the disappointment with a friend. The dark spots are very small when compared to everything we have in our lives, but they are the ones that pollute our minds. 

Take your eyes away from the black dots in your 
Enjoy each one of your blessings, each moment that life gives you. 
Be happy and live a life filled with love!”