Endless Possibility

Have you considered, what makes life worth living is a sense of possibility.
When you wake up each day, you can mold your destiny, you can create new realities, you can set new directions, you can make things happen.  Unfortunately, too many people wake up each day thinking about all the bad stuff that happened yesterday and previous days.

Do you see how fruitless and futile this can be?  

Unfortunately, so many people get stuck in that pattern and they really cannot make the best and most out of the opportunity each new day gives them.  

If you want to live every day with the maximum amount of success, maximum amount of happiness and enjoyment, focus on the realm of possibilities that each day presents you.

Each day is an opportunity.  

Don’t waste it thinking back about stuff you can’t control or stuff you can’t change.  Don’t flush progress down the toilet by thinking about things that happened, or things you should or shouldn’t have done.  

Take the lesson from it, and move forward with a renewed sense of what you can improve and change in the future.

Success is in YOU

YOU can achieve success in any area of life in just a few years, with any information in this process you are exposed to:


* It doesn't matter how many times you've tried and failed before, whatever has happened has happened because you did not have a simple structured thinking process which cleaned away the doubts...

* It doesn't matter if you have NEVER been able to 'try' and succeed before. It may in fact be easier if you've always procrastinate...  

* It doesn't matter what position you are starting from, people just like you have started from being on the streets to becoming a success... 

* It doesn't matter what other so-called "experts" say... the truth is you are naturally successful, and you don't need to work at thinking positively all of the time...

If you are SERIOUS about wanting to create wealth, health, the perfect partner, bring an end to pain, remove depression, become financially free... Then, you can start by simply been an hard-working person in whatever career you find yourself!


Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind had unlimited power and we can literally achieve anything we want with it, w
ith surrounding positive people, images or even sounds, your subconscious mind will remember and you will be reminded of your goals often. This will result in a focused mind, with the capability of removing all distractions and ultimately turning your thoughts into reality.

However, going through life without knowing your goals is like taking a train without knowing where it is going. Goals need to be precise and detailed, not just “ I want to be rich or be the best in my chosen career!”.  A timeline is also needed for that extra fuel to pull you through.  When you have a goal that is strong and intense enough, your subconscious will always find a way to help you achieve it.  If you have a highly emotional purpose behind your actions, you will be more inspired to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

Thus, Self esteem is the backbone for any success strategy. Confidence usually comes before success.  The power of the subconscious mind cannot be truly explored if you are always negative and pessimistic.  Avoid negative questions such as “ why do bad things happen to me?”, “Why can’t I be smarter, like he is?” or “ why do I keep failing to achieve my goals in life?” or "why are mine different?".  This will lead to self-destruction in terms of mental and emotional functioning.

Ask yourself questions that require positive and self-driven answers.  Do not be surprised if your subconscious mind may comes out with solutions that you did not think even existed before you asked the question.  Examples of such questions are “What can I do to get that promotion?”, “How can I improve my memory?”, “How can I improve my relationship with others?” etc.

The problem is few people have mastered this few points and thus are not maximizing its endless potential but am optimistic that as many that will read through this write up will find it impactfull.


A Better You

Lesson #1: Your beginnings do not determine your endings.

A lot of us came from very humble beginnings, and was not provided with a hand up.  

Your parents might want the best for you and appreciate your God's giving talent, idea etc, but might not have the money to invest in your beautiful ideas.  

Moreover, you might be saddled with the psychological consequences of being given up at birth.  

Remember, we all have to live with the reality that we may not be born geniuses, rich, or naturally blessed.  

In fact, many of us are born into really harsh family lives.

But all that doesn’t matter if we believe in the power of our dreams. 

If people with much less resources managed to succeed, we can choose to do so too.   

Success is measured not by what advantages you began with but how far you got with the hand life dealt you. 

Don’t ever use your humble beginnings as an excuse for your inability to achieve success.

Lesson #2: Personal passion is more important than money

A case study of Steve Job of blessed memory.

Steve was taught by his adoptive father to be passionate about craftsmanship and engineering.  

His father encouraged his sense of curiosity.  

These were precisely the traits that enabled Steve Jobs to become a technology evangelist.  

While the technology he was developing wasn’t exactly new, the level of drive, passion, and unwillingness to compromise made Apple products stand apart from the competition.   

It is worth noting that Steve Jobs wasn’t as driven by money as much as his sense of curiosity and discovery.  

If you’re struggling to succeed, you can do well by shifting your focus from merely making money to making a difference. 
Note: this phrase is nothing to today's generation but you can still choose to be different in your world (very important).

By focusing on your passion, you can achieve more things and financial payoffs normally aren’t that far behind. 

If you are driven mostly by the need to make money, it would be too easy for you to get discouraged and lose heart when setbacks appear. 

When you are driven by passion, you are more likely to overcome challenges.

Lesson #3: You don’t have to be first to succeed

Almost all the technologies that made Apple a household name were, in fact, pioneered by other companies.  

Everything from the graphical windows-based interface of the Macintosh to its mouse pointing device to the portable digital music playing capabilities of the iPod to the touch interface of the iPhone were existing technologies.  

What Jobs brought to the table was he had the sense of urgency needed to turn ‘laboratory technology’ into disruptive technology that really changed how people interacted with and used electronic devices.

This is a powerful personal trait to copy because it is too easy for us to get discouraged by the fact that competitors are already doing what we want to do.  

In fact, they already have introduced solutions to the problems we want to solve.  Steve Jobs’ story shows that being a latecomer doesn’t matter.  

Just because other people came ahead of us doesn’t mean we can’t beat them. 

What matters is that you have the sense of urgency to give your customers/clients the value they deserve. 

A lot of the technologies Apple engineered into their products existed but were either too exotic, too expensive, or too clunky.  

Steve Jobs focused on boosting user experience so much that he pulled out all the stops in making Apple products intuitive, easy to use, efficient, and modern-looking.

Steve Jobs’ personal story teaches us that it doesn’t matter where we come from, how much we start with, or how other people perceive us when we first start out. 

What matters is the level of passion we have for our dreamsour willingness to pursue our dreams, and our open-mindedness.

Genius, it often turns out, is not based strictly on intelligence but passion and relentlessness in finding better solutions.

86,400 SECONDS - Make a Difference.

Hallos Hallos GirlsAffair,

Another week has emerged and we are all ready for the usual hustling and bustling, making ends meet, meeting targets set for ourselves, families and companies where we earn our daily living. Whao! It's a whole lot to contend with but the good thing is you can surmount it all, if only you can learn to pause often and think outside the box...

Always remember, there are 86,400 seconds in a day. Have you ever pounder on this at all? How will you use them?

So many of us get seduced by busyness into thinking that "a day doesn't matter." And that we have so many more left.

Then, we POSTPONE our lovely vision, pursuit of happiness, dreams, desires and life goals. To some fantasy period in the future when we have more time, energy and confidence.

Time is a THIEF. It steals the precious seconds of this very day like a bandit on a violent rampage. And we NEVER get those 86,400 seconds back. Never Ever. Did you get the gist...

Let's be real. Your days are your life in miniature. And as you live this day, so you're crafting YOUR life.

However, ia single day: can make a choice that will change the rest of your life. can put smile in someone's face and awaken the giant in him or her. can start a project that will make you famous. can begin a new habit that will revolutionise your health. can face a fear that shatters your limits. can forgive a person and rise to freedom. can inspire a child and become their hero. can discover an idea that rewires your thinking. can invest in yourself and be the YOU of your dream(s). can make a move that CHANGES OUR WORLD for the better!
Yes - you are that powerful - own it and don't let it sleeps away!



Too often we count more on those around us than ourselves, when our expectations are not met we feel disappointed and rejected. 
Remember, there is a thin line between standing up for yourself and refusing to be a better person to yourself. 

Life is so fragile only those who understand it can handle it.