Our society places an emphasis on success. However, success often seems hard to come by.
We’re taught many things in school, but how to be successful isn’t one of them.
One thing is for certain, if you want to achieve greater levels of success than you’re currently experiencing, you’ll have to change.
A change in your results will require a change in your approach. Change can be scary. However, the payoff for facing your fears will likely pay off.




"I just read something very disturbing from Twitter.!!!

A 12 year old boy in JSS 3,attempted to kill a fellow student. Why? From JSS 1,this boy had been a stellar student claiming the first position from JSS1 to JSS3.

Then a girl joins them in JSS 3 and upsets the applecart. She beats him in most subjects and his star dims.

One break period, the boy monitors the girl. As soon as she leaves the class he nicks her water bottle from the bag and goes to the science lab. He empties the water bottle and fills it with acid. Returns to the class and replaces the bottle.

Thankfully two other boys had watched him and confronted him. He was made to retrieve the water bottle and empty it's contents. The girl returns from break and makes for her water. The bottle is empty. She raises a ruckus and the boys who deterred the other one from his devilish plan, tell her what happened. She reports and the boys dad is summoned. The dad breaks down at his son's confession. Unfortunately we are not told what the school authorities did.

But I ask, what is it that would make a kid,resort to such extreme means just because he is beaten in class? The first position is no one's birthright. After all, he had beaten other people from the day he got into the school till the girl happened on the scene!

I cannot say he learnt such deviousness from his parents. But it just may be possible that they plied a lot of pressure on him to always come out tops. It's good to encourage our kids, but we must be careful not to inculcate in them a do or die attitude.

Has this boy been exposed to viewing or reading material, which has impacted on him do negatively, so terribly as to make him want to take life?
We as parents need to seriously monitor our kids and what they are exposed to, where they go, who they associate with. The internet is both good and evil. We MUST monitor usage of this too!

This is too extreme for a 12 year old kid!! Of course some on Twitter were advocating Deliverance! I think that is hogwash. That kid needs to see a shrink! He is obviously warped and needs to be set right in the place of his mind!

This is probably one of the most disturbing things I have heard in a long time. If his classmates had not seen and watched him, he could easily have killed another child or injured her gravely! All for what?"


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Tips To Keep Your Marriage Happy

Marriage can be hard work, but there are many things you can do to enhance the odds of success.
The little things matter. Small gestures and habits lead to success.
The effort required to have a happy marriage may take a lot of energy and self-control, however, the payoff will be more than worth it.

Help Your Marriage To Thrive:

1. Keep your commitments. It doesn’t matter whether you promised to take out the trash, pick up the dry cleaning, or be home by 7:00. Do it.
2. Leave the past alone.Bringing up mistakes from the past only reopens old wounds.Leave the past in the past. Leave the past in the past. 
3. Avoid interrupting your partner. Take a deep breath and listen until your partner is finished. You’ll get your turn soon enough.
4. Be grateful. Keep a diary and list at least one thing about your partner that makes you feel grateful. It might be her smile or the fact that he always makes you laugh. The simple act of looking for positive traits in your spouse will change your attitude.
5. Do something fun together.As often as possible, spend time together doing something that you both enjoy. Sharing good times is a great way to become closer. Sit down together and make a list of activities you both love to do.
6. Avoid keeping score.Everyone has their ups and downs. Things are never exactly 50-50, but things have a way of evening out over time. Keeping score results in resentment.
7. Let go of the small matters.Divorce is often caused by petty disagreements. If you can agree on the big stuff, the little stuff is merely a distraction.
8. Give your partner some privacy. Avoid snooping unnecessarily. Stay out of yourpartner’s email account and give them the space they require to be an individual.
9. Address behaviors. Avoid attacking your spouse. It’s more effective to request that your spouse put her dirty dishes in the sink than to ask her why she’s such a slob. Address the behavior and avoid making personal attacks.
10. Have a planned date-night.At least twice a month, get out of the house and go on a real date. Take turns making plans and surprise each other.
11. Be respectful in public.Ridiculing or insulting your spouse is never acceptable, but it’s far more damaging when done in front of others. If you must be negative, wait until you’re back home.
12. Ask yourself what you can do to strengthen the relationship. It’s challenging, if not impossible, to change someone else. However, you can change yourself.
13. Focus on the positive. Some relationship experts believe that divorce results from a decrease in positive events, rather than an increase in negative events. Celebrate whenever something good happens!
14. Give at least five compliments for each criticism you give. Social scientists believe that each criticism requires five compliments to undo the damage. Be positive.
15. Realize that your spouse isn’t responsible for your happiness. Most find that their level of happiness eventually returns to the pre-marriage level. There’s much more to happiness than being married.
A happy marriage is the result of valuing and respecting each other every day. Tending to your marriage is like tending to a garden. It’s necessary to pull the weeds, but do so with a smile on your face. Make yourmarriage a priority. Give your marriage and your spouse the attention they deserve.

Love + Respect. 

Proven Formular

If you ever dream about a better future and want to achieve success, here are some great reasons why you want to set goals.

1. Live by design and on purpose
We can live our life either by design, or by chance. As famous success philosopher Jim Rohn put it, "If you don't design your own life, chances are you'll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they planned for you? Not much." People living with no goals rarely have any purposes. Without purposes, what’s the point of living?

2. Gain focus and live life to the fullest
No matter how long you live, you only have limited time in this world. By setting goals and deciding what’s important and what isn’t, you can focus your life on things that are truly valuable. You will make the most out of your time and have the best chance at living a full life.

3. Key trait of all successful people
Strong goal setting and action taking skills are one of the few key secrets shared among all high achievers, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Winfrey Oprah, J.K. Rowling and many others. Not everyone will be successful by just setting a goal, but without goals, no one can achieve great success in anything.

Successful people are not gifted, they work hard and succeed on purpose!

Who Is A Father?

It's a known fact that, there's a clear difference between a father and a daddy. Love, devotion, dedication, commitment, discipline, strength, reliable, empathy, time and so much more, makes you a father.
Note: anybody can be a daddy but not all can be a 
true father. 

 A father is patient helpful, reliable and strong. He is there by your side when things go wrong. He's 
someone who guides you to do the right thing and helps you solve problems that life sometimes brings. 

A father is someone who is loving and kind. And usually knows what's going on in your mind. He is 
someone who listens and makes time to talk. When things are bad he doesn't turn around and walk away. 

He is a strong shoulder when times are tough, and still loves you dearly when he's had enough. He helps you and guides you with all that he can, wanting 
nothing more than to make you happy and see you happy. 

A father's there when you're happy and even more when you're sad. Giving unconditional love whether 
you're good or you're bad. 

A father is someone that you can also call a friend. 
Who is there no matter what and will be till the end. 

Happy "Father's" Day, to all the great fathers in the world.
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