Surest Way to Cheer you Up Instantly

Do you agree that no matter how perfectly we try to live our lives, it is inevitable that we will meet with the valleys that come out ways? There will always be times which are testing for us, times where we doubt ourselves and feel just downright disappointed and unhappy with life.

I definitely have gone through such days as well. I remembered a very dark period of my life was when I went through my very first break up.
It was a time where I doubted my own decision making process, I wondered if I was even too trusting, or even whether people were worth trusting at all.

It was a challenging time where negative thoughts full of questions about who's wrong and who's right kept harassing my mind. Indeed, it was almost like I had no control over what thoughts kept flashing up.

I remembered then telling myself, that I just had to let go. I asked myself what was the purpose of even holding on to these thoughts?
I knew there was no purpose at all of dwelling in the negativity. It would just make me feel sadder. I knew I had to move on.

During that dark period, was also when I first learnt how to snap myself out of such negative thinking. Initially, I had to made a very conscious effort to catch myself and switch my thoughts. However, it soon became a habit.

So, what thoughts do I easily switch out to?

Our human mind is a very interesting one. When we ask ourselves the right questions, it suddenly changes our perspective immediately.

I used to asked myself: What is ONE thing, that I can be thankful for today? 

I was indeed thankful for my loved ones, thankful for my friends who gathered around to support me through that period, thankful for my parents who were financing me through school, thankful for the
blue clouds, and green trees - who continued to look their best as
though they were cheering me on.

So today, my friend, if you are dealing with a dark period of your
life too, ask yourself: What is ONE thing, that you can be thankful for today?

If at first, nothing comes to mind, think harder. You will find the answer deep within you.

To Your Continuing Happiness!