Marriage Communication

Types of communication needed in every relationship –

Communication is key in any relationship. It is what starts and keeps successful courtship and marriages. Couples should learn to communicate well which will help them make the best of what they can offer each other to get what they want.

Here are 5 kinds of communication needed in every relationship:

1. Non verbal communication:-
From facial expressions to body positioning, even a certain kind of movement is a non-verbal communication. Couples who understand this kind of unspoken communication get along better in their relationship.

2. Emotional communication:-
When emotional communication is lost a relationship is doomed. Emotional communication tells you a lot about your partner and how you can solve issues whenever they arise.

3. Verbal communication:-
This is one sure way to have either a negative or positive communication experience with your partner. Whatever you say to each other can either make or break your relationship.

4. Auditory communication
Listening is a way to communicate effectively with your partner. Giving your partner your ears will help you meet them at their point of need which they’ll really appreciate about you; it’ll also give you an idea on how to respond whenever a discussion is going on.

5. Optical communication:-
The eye is the window of the soul. It simply means you see your partner for who they truly are than an outsider would. You see their faces when they talk, how their body reacts to you and other little things you’ll remember for a long time. When you and your partner look at each other, the unsaid words are spoken directly to your souls.

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It's The 7th Month

So, it's the 7th month of the year and what Nigerians call the 2nd half of the year.
But do you know that many nations don't live by the 2nd half myth? As a matter of fact are you aware that God doesn't live by the first half and the 2nd half myth.

He talks about days and nights which means He is a respecter of effective deployment of your 24hours.

Where you are as at today is a perfect reflection of what you have consistently done with every 24hours that God has given you this year and where you will be in December to a large extent will also be determined by what you change about your 24hours.

What you don't know never changes until you humble yourself to learn it;
Who you are never changes until you take responsibility for your new life;
Your bad habit that has been sabotaging your good intentions never change until you get help.

Don't fall for motivational speaking this season. Fall for responsible living and change your life. Whatever did not happen in the first 6months may not happen in the next 6months if you don't intentionally initiate the change.

It may be a change of friendship, association or even a change of your routine, habits or even what you read.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Same as the devil. God's goodness won't increase because of you cos He is always good and the Devil's evil won't increase in the next 6months cos all he knows to do is evil.

You are the one that must choose your area of alignment and create the discipline and habits that takes advantage of the provisions God has made available for you.

Don't wait for chance or luck create the chance and step into it with confidence.
Don't wait for ember month or last minute miracles in November motivational speaking. Today is your day.

God is on your side but are you on His side?

No matter the scarcity in the jungle it will never happen that the sons of a lion will eat grass.

Happy new day

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"I have no time" or "I am too busy"...
These are common responses that I often hear nowadays. 

Do you get these responses from people as well? 

Many people seem to be busy. But the time to read and attend seminars is essential, especially to improve our financial knowledge.
When it comes to investing or doing business, ignorance can be dangerous. 

However, for something that is important to us, we will surely make time for it.
So, I stop myself from saying "I am busy". 

It's not about having no time but about time management or having the need to find ways to achieve more or do things in a better way. 

This is a way to get more things done:
Allocate some time (let's say, an hour) for each task, really concentrate and get it done.
You'll be surprised how much you can get done within a day.
If not, it is easy to get only one thing done or not getting anything done within several hours.

When we plan our time well, we will have more time for important things in our lives.
We can spend more time with our loved ones and friends, have more time to read, relax, get adequate sleep, think and come up with good ideas and exercise.

Good time management improves our relationships with others, our finances and our health. 

It is always important to make each day productive.

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." 
~ Michael Altshuler -

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Things You Do That Are Holding You Back From Being The You Of Your Dream...

 * You compare yourself to others.

Stop looking at others lives and being sad or upset about your current situation.  It causes fear.  Your life is “Your” life….its you.  You can’t follow their plan or their life exactly.  You are unique so make sure that your path fits you.

Shift your focus instead to where you are today compared to yesterday to get a more accurate picture of the progress you’re making.

* You wait for others’ permission

No one is going to come and tell you its time to start, or where to be.  Don’t wait for them.  YOU know what’s best for you. Trust your gut and your heart, live by YOUR standards, and you’re much more likely to create a life that makes you happy.

Once you understand that you are responsible for everything that has come and gone in your life you’ll realize that everything from here onwards depends on you as well.

* You are to worried about failing

If you really want to put a halt on your happiness.  Go ahead and worry about it not happening.  FEAR of anything is the biggest destroyer of your life.  It will control your actions and movement leaving you in a place and mental state that is very hard to get out of

* You wait for the “right” time

You keep putting something off because it’s not the “right” time yet. You need to make a few more improvements, get more experience, learn a few more skills. You wait for the economy to improve, the weather to get better or for a sign that you should start. This is just your mind playing delay tactics and winning. The right time is now.

* You expect results right now

Everything in life takes time.  Look how long it took you to be who you are today.  So why do we think that everything will change overnight?  Persistence and inspired action are the keys to getting your results.

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(Strange Reality) - Instead Of Waiting, Give It Yourself...

Hello Dearie,
If you are like most people, then you too have this strange tendency to wait for others to fill in your needs. This pattern of “waiting for others” is a bad habit, causing a lot of pain and stress in your relationships. It can even be fatal and needlessly ruin 
a relationship! Reason enough to take a closer look at this habit and learn how to handle it.

 At the start of a new relationship, you get everything you have been longing for, sometimes since early childhood: love, affection, tenderness, attention, excitement and energy. 

 You think you’ve finally found your Prince Charming (or Princess Charming) and all your needs are fulfilled forever, “They lived long and happily ever after.” You wallow in the illusion that this new excitement will last forever, and that you don’t have to do anything in order to keep receiving this stream of love and energy from your significant other. 

Reality turns out differently. Not that after a while your lover loves you less, but that a big share of his attention and energy goes to his job, friends and activities he used to have before meeting you.

 You panic. What’s going on? Does he not love you anymore? Did you become ugly, fat, or boring? You try to find a reason why the stream of energy coming from him is weakening. You were used to feel 300 Volt coming from him, and now you have to content yourself with a lousy 100. 

 You decide that you won’t let this happen and you demand he continues to give you what he gave in the beginning. You are focused on what you think you are entitled to receive, and on what the other “should” be giving you. 

 How strange! Why don’t you focus on what YOU can give to HIM? Why be so stubborn to maintain this bizarre belief that everything you need should be given to you by someone else? Why wait for the other to give to you what you need? Why not give it to yourself? And why not simply give to the other what YOU would like to receive for yourself? 

 You have nothing to lose by this approach. But I can assure you that you have a lot to gain: love, affection, tenderness, attention, excitement and energy. That’s right! Exactly the same things the other freely provided you with in the beginning! 

 YOU can give them to yourself, and to him. Giving is the only fail-safe way to make sure you receive. Try to understand this. If you have to wait for somebody else to give you what you need, you can wait forever and there’s a decent risk you will never get it. If you give what you need to yourself and to the other, then you have it both ways: once because you gave it to yourself, and once because you will get back from the other what you gave him. You can have your pie and eat it! 

 Why does it work this way? Because by giving something, you are tuning yourself to the frequency of that which you give. Let’s say, for example, you need attention. Instead of examining the behaviour, facial and verbal expressions of your partner, trying to detect whether he gives you enough attention, you can give attention to him! Ask him how he is feeling right now, how his day went, what he learned today, and if he met any interesting people. Show your genuine interest, and I bet he will be interested in you too. You give attention, and you will get attention in return!  

 * You want love? Give love! 
 * You want advice? Give advice! 
 * You need an energy boost? Boost up someone else’s energy level and in doing so you will feel your own energy rising! 
 * You want people to listen to you? Then first listen carefully to someone else who needs to be heard. 
 * You want more friends? Then befriend others! 
 * You want more respect from your children? Respect them! 
 * So, in order to get what you want, learn to give it first 
 * Instead of waiting for your significant other to give you love, why don’t you give love to him or her? 
 * Instead of waiting for your children to respect you, why don’t you start by respecting them? Be an example. 
 *Instead of dreaming of a wonderful job that satisfies your needs, try to be wonderful at your current job first! 
 * Instead of wanting your friends to invest time and energy in your relationship, why don’t you give some 
extra time and energy to them? 
 * Instead of waiting for peace and calm to come into your life, why don’t you create the silence and inner balance needed to feel the peace you long for? It’s all a matter of energy vibrating. 

By giving what you want to others, you are tuning in to the vibrational energy of what it is you want. If you want love and you give it to others, you are in the energy of love already. Giving love makes you feel that love and thus you then attract more love into your life. Giving attention makes you feel the attention. Giving respect puts you in the energy vibration of respect and you will attract more respect towards yourself. 

This works for anything you desire. You will not only get what you want by giving it, but you will also be much less dependent on others. You will feel the power of being in charge of your own life! 

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