Rule 1.Choose your friends wisely. People can often surprise you.

Rule 2. Guard your personal information. You should only tell people what they need to know.

Rule 3. Trust people slowly. Always be the first one to welcome and befriend someone, but be the one of the last to truly trust them. 

Self Esteem

Never let anyone talk you down NEVER! Never let anyone make you feel any lesser than you are, because you are you. 
Be yourself, Be conscious of yourself, don't loose your self esteem all in the name of keeping friends, or in the name of marriage.

When you look around you will find out some person's has lost their self esteem, self worth all in the name of pleasing someone who they feel they owe so much to. 

Some lost theirs while growing up, while some lost theirs in the kinda relationship /Marriage they found themselves.

Self esteem is called SELF and esteem for a reason because it is YOU 👉you and you ALONE! It's your identity DO NOT LOOSE IT FOR ANYTHING.

I keep saying it everyone are unique in their own different ways so do not try to be somebody else rather be the better Version of yourself. You are Beautiful, unique, smart, Strong Don't let anyone take that away from you.

Keep wearing your armour of self esteem!

Take charge.



MARRIAGE is like a shoe. When you wear oversize be ready to drag it along through out life, and when you wear under-size be ready to feel the pains through out life." One thing about marriage is that you don't drop your shoe or remove it at any point, no matter how painful or how stressful it is.

That is why I thought it necessary to write you this letter.

Dear Singles,

When you are ready to buy your own shoe please take note of these three things:

Do not look for the beautiful ones, the nice ones or the cheap ones. Look for the one that is your size. Not every handsome, wealthy or intelligent guy is for you, not every beautiful woman is for you. Look for the one that is meant for you, the one that aligns with your values and beliefs, the one who you meet at your life's journey. 

It is important to know where you're going in life before you think of getting a wife or a husband.

All sizes of shoes are not placed in the same place.
There is a place for court shoes, laced up shoes, sport footwear, snickers etc. We have Children sizes, young people's sizes and the adult sizes. Know where to get your own shoe. Your size cannot be everywhere my brother, your type cannot be everywhere my sister. You cannot be a Christian, and be looking for a wife material at a club. Your wife or husband can't just be everywhere.

Stick to your values and therein you shall find someone like you, but when your values are not defined anyone can just match you. Discover yourself and define your values

In this kind of shoe purchasing enterprise, you are not permitted to try the shoe before you buy. This is why it is important to seek guidance and counseling, from people who have bought shoes before or are into the business of directing people to the right shoes (pastors, marriage counsellors and Relationship coaches).

And most importantly to avoid much time wasting , simply consult the shoe manufacturer to tell you your size (Almighty God).
NOTE :"You do not prepare for wedding, you prepare for marriage."

Ladies of today get so motivated when they attend weddings and they will quickly want to say yes to that guy. Wait!!! It is not just the wedding ooooh.

The wedding is just one day. After the wedding. WHAT NEXT?

Finally, it is not something you rush to the market and just pick a shoe because you like or can purchase it.

Ask questions

*Where is this shoe made from? (Background)
*What's the size (Values)
*How mucgh (His/Her interest)
*How long will it last (His/Her Character)
*Who made it? (Is she/He of the same faith This is compatibility)
*Will it match me? (This is whether he/she loves you and will accept you the way you are).

Dear one, remember many are dragging their foot and they would hardly reach their destinations, many are feeling endless pains and wish they could pull off the shoes but no way!!! I have seen people with beautiful shoes and when they show you their foot, you will see scars.

Beloved, it is not about the physical, it is the size, you can't know the size from afar so come close, build a relationship first but remember 'you are not permitted to try it before you buy it'.

And for those who have purchased the wrong shoes, you can still make it your size again if you'd consult the manufacturer and let Him have His way in your marriage.

May God bless us all. Feel free to share to all singles, you might be touching someone's life.

 Have a great day.