Here are 5 choices that are bad for your metabolism:

5) Not drinking enough water
Being dehydrated slows down your metabolism. Studies show that by staying hydrated throughout the day, people feel less hungry, more energized and they even experience less bloating.

Drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up. You lose a surprising amount of water while you are sleeping, so rehydrating first thing in the morning will wake you up, flush you out and get you off to a good start.

4) Sitting for hours at a time
They say sitting is the new smoking and for good reason. New research is coming out that shows the more you sit, the higher your risk for heart problems, obesity and even early death. One of the reasons for this is that when you’re sitting down, your body goes into rest mode and your metabolism burns fewer calories and less fat. Do that all day and you’re sabotaging your ability to burn fat.

If you have a job that requires you sit for most of the day, set reminders to stand up and walk around every hour. If you’re someone who just sits a lot because of TV and media, try to find a podcast or audiobook you can listen to while you go for walks or move around your house instead.

3) Keeping your room warm
This is a cool one (pun intended!). New research has come out that shows that keeping your room cool at night and throughout the day can increase your metabolism and accelerate fat burn. One study found that people who kept their rooms at 66° F or cooler burned nearly twice as much brown fat as those who didn’t. Brown fat is what our bodies use as fuel to keep warm, so going outside often during the cooler months and keeping your house frosty can keep you fit.

Turn down the heat!

2) Not getting enough Zzzz’s
Not getting enough sleep is one of the most common ways to slow down your metabolism. You end up burning fewer calories and your body becomes less efficient at utilizing sugar, storing more of it as fat.

Go to bed early or hit the snooze button because this is one metabolic speed bump that is easy to avoid.

1) Eating ‘diet’ foods
These foods bring your metabolism to a halt. Most of them contain artificial sweeteners that can increase your appetite later on and can even cause your body to hold onto more fat in the long run.

Luckily there are foods that you can and should eat that have the opposite effect.


Will heartbreak make you bitter and mean?

Or will it make you understanding and kind? 

Will it make you appreciate the love that is REAL in your life? Will it make you more selective with the love you give to others? 

How has heartbreak changed who you are? 

Are you better or worse than you were before heartbreak? If you feel like your worse...what can you do to improve that?


Come into the territory of a lioness and think you will be safe. You will not. 
Don't underestimate the ability of the lioness to be cunning and conniving. The lioness knows many
other animals in the jungle, and can make it very difficult for you to thrive. 
Perhaps you'd be better off going to a different territory....if you want to ever succeed at your goal. ;)