He Will Surely Fix Yout Mistake

Back in the yesteryears, when I started using Pen {Biro} in my primary school, and I made a mistake, I would try hard to erase it. Sometimes I use chalk or eraser, but it later reappears. So I began to use my saliva, it worked only to leave holes in my book (cast your mind back now, am sure you've once been in my shoes). My teachers then used to beat me for being outrageously dirty in handling my school notes. But all I tried to do then was to cover my errors. 

One day, a kind hearted teacher called me aside. "Young girl, anytime you make a mistake, just cross it and move on. Trying to erase it would only damage your book and live a trace". "But, I don't want people to see my mistake and laugh at me", I protested. "Trying to erase it will make more people know about your mess, and the stigma is for life" Have you made a mistake in your journey of life, cross it and move on (very important). Take your mistakes as a philosophy of life, as a destiny to be, leave it there and move on. Don't try to create more irredeemable errors by trying within your power to erase it. 
To err is human. 
Just put all your mistake in the hands of the Almighty 
God he will surely fix it and be with you because is the only one that is perfect in fixing errors of man.... 

Best Wishes. 

10 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Clean & Healthy...

All women should be concerned about their vaginal health. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and contains rich quantities of beneficial bacteria that help fend off infections and maintain a normal pH level. A healthy vagina will also secrete small amounts of discharge to keep itself clean, much as saliva is produced to help cleanse your mouth. Any interference with these normal conditions, and you may face vaginal irritation or infection. Here’s how to keep your vagina healthy.

1. Use Condom. You know that rubbers are great at protecting against STDs and pregnancy, but a study suggests that using condoms helps keep your vagina’s pH level at the status quo so good bacteria, like lactobacilli, can survive in there. And this is super important since those little bacteria help prevent yeast infections, UTIs, and bacterial vaginosis. Just in case you needed another reason to wrap things up.

2. Wear Cotton Underwear. When it comes to your underwear selection, your vagina has a preference: cotton. That’s why most underwear comes with a thin strip of cotton fabric in the crotch....

3. Work It Out. Doing kegels is crucial for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which are key in producing stronger, mind-blowing orgasms—not to mention bladder control. Note to self: Include kegelsin every workout.

4. TakeYogurt. Snacking on yogurt with live cultures helps boost the good bacteria in your hoo-ha, which, as you know, is all around fantastic for preventing annoying vaginal problems like yeast infections. Just be careful that you’re not noshing on the super-sugary kind, because that could make you more susceptible to those infections.

5. Use Lubricant. Sometimes when you’re about to hit the sheets, it seems like your vagina just didn’t get the memo. But it’s totally normal—vaginal dryness can impact you if you take certain medications like antihistamines, antidepressants, orhormonal birth control. It can also crop up after pregnancy or shortly before menopause.When this happens, make sure you’re communicating with your partner so they don’t forge ahead before you’re properly lubricated, which is obviously painful and can cause abrasions....

6. Say No To Douching. Think you need some assistance keeping things all clear down there? You don’t. Studies have shown that using intravaginal hygiene products can put you at increased risk of infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and STDs. Just don’t do it.

7. Handling With Care While Cycling. An unexpected place you might be putting your vaginal health at risk is the cycling studio. If you’re a frequent rider, you could be at risk for genital numbness, pain, and tingling (not in a good way) while cycling. In fact,a study of female cyclists in theJournal of Sexual Medicine found that a majority experienced these symptoms. If you love to hit up cycling studios, try wearing padded shorts and following these form modificationsto keep your vagina pain-free during your workout.

8. Approach Antibiotics With Caution. Another threat to your nether region’s good bacteria are antibiotics. Those pills can kill off some of that wonderful lactobacilli that keep your vagina healthy. Obviously, if you have to take an antibiotic to fight infection, you shouldn’t pass up the prescription, just load up on probiotic Greek yogurt to reduce the damage....
9. Be Mindful Of Other Sex Act. Make sure not to go from anal to vaginal sex without changing the condom or properly cleaning off first. Going from backdoor to front exposes your vagina to a host of bacteria and can up your risk of infections.

10. Be Careful With Soap. That scented body wash may be awesome, but it doesn’t belong anywhere near your genitals. Soap can be really drying to the sensitive skin around your vulva, and you really only need to rinse with warm water to keep things clean down there. But if you just don’t feel right about going soap-free, stick with a plain, gentle, unscented soap....

Best Wishes.

Vital Tips For Women: How To Enjoy Sex More

Men tend to get most of the blame when it comes to women’s sexual satisfaction. True, it wouldn’t hurt for some men to learn more about a woman’s body for a deeper understanding of what turns a woman on. But top sex and relationship experts say that women’s typical sex behaviour definitely has some room for improvement, too.

Here are some of the top things women can and should do to get more of the satisfaction they so rightly deserve…

1. Talking To Your Partner

Many couples find it difficult to talk about sex even under the best of circumstances. When sexual problems occur, feelings of hurt, shame, guilt, and resentment can halt conversation altogether. Because good communication is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship, establishing a dialogue is the first step not only to a better sex life, but also to a closer emotional bond. Find the perfect atmosphere talk to your lover, tell him what you love, tell him what you enjoy in bed, tell him what you want.

2. Initiate Sex With Your Partner

Many women worry about ladylike behavior. They fear seeming too aggressive, or being viewed negatively for seeming to like sex a little too much. Failing to initiate sex is one of the biggest mistakes women make. Most guys feel like they are always the initiator and that sets up disequilibrium on the passion scale in the relationship. Generally, men want to be pursued by their partners just as much as women do. Holding onto outdated ideas about sex roles also inhibits satisfaction with our sexual relationships. Well we think that women are less interested in sexual activity, to be realistic here that is so wrong, I think there are women who are as interested in sex as men.
Show your interest by taking the first step from time to time. Your partner will likely appreciate it, and you may find a new level of satisfaction in taking responsibility for your sexual experience, something I feel strongly women must do.

3. Stop Worrying About What You Look Like

Thinking about how you look during sex stops you from enjoying yourself and ruins your chances of achieving an orgasm. Don’t think about the fat on your belly or the makeup on your face. Concentrate on the pleasure of the act. You must give yourself permission to have an orgasm. Men want women to abandon themselves in s8x play, and that’s not likely if she is anxious about her physical concerns, men don’t notice half the things women obsess about anyway.

It’s amazing what men don’t notice. Men are much more attracted to women who show signs of health. Rather than worry about the shape of your waist and hips, worry about your energy level and enthusiasm and interest in him.

4. The G-spot

The G-spot, or Grafenberg spot, named after the gynecologist who first identified it, is a mound of super-sensitive spongelike tissue located within the roof of the vagina, just inside the entrance. Proper stimulation of the G-spot can produce intense orgasms. Because of its difficult-to-reach location and the fact that it is most successfully stimulated manually, the G-spot is not routinely activated for most women during vaginal intercourse. While this has led some skeptics to doubt its existence, research has demonstrated that a different sort of tissue does exist in this location.

You must be sexually aroused to be able to locate your G-spot. To find it, try rubbing your finger in a beckoning motion along the roof of your vagina while you’re in a squatting or sitting position, or have your partner massage the upper surface of your vagina until you notice a particularly sensitive area. Some women tend to be more sensitive and can find the spot easily, but for others it’s difficult.
If you can’t easily locate it, you shouldn’t worry. During intercourse, many women feel that the G-spot can be most easily stimulated when the man enters from behind. For couples dealing with erection problems, play involving the G-spot can be a positive addition to lovemaking.
Oral stimulation of the clitoris combined with manual stimulation of the G-spot can give a woman a highly intense orgasm.

5. Don’t Feel You “Have To” Try New Things, But Don’t Get Upset If He Asks, Either

After a couple has been together for a while, it’s natural to want to spice things up with a little variety. Just because your man wants to try something new doesn’t mean he’s unhappy with you or your sex life. Still, it’s important that you tune into your comfort zone. Nobody should ever feel obligated to do something they don’t want to do in the personal and intimate area of sexuality. “If your man asks you about trying something that’s outside of your moral or comfort zone, make it clear that it’s off limits for you and explain why. Of course, do this in a loving way as best you can. Also, try to suggest other options that you would be comfortable with.

6. Be Romantic

Read poetry to each other under a tree on a hillside. Surprise each other with flowers when it isn’t a special occasion. Plan a day when all you do is lie in bed, talk, and be intimate. The most important tool you have at your disposal is your attitude about sexuality. Armed with good information and a positive outlook, you should be able to maintain a healthy sex life for many years to come.

Best Wishes.

A Question For You

@ PF - Random Thoughts – How are you?

I went on my daily brisk walk today and thought through the last 24hours and the Valentine rush on my way back.  So, this morning, I have a question for you -"How are you?"

Yes! The 24hours is over and I am sure you must have felt so loved judging by the Val gifts and all that made you feel so special yesterday. Well, the special day is over, so how are you this morning?

As a single babe, he took you out and showered you with all forms of gifts that blew your underwears away. So, how are you now that he has done what he always wanted to do?

So, you did not receive any gift from any loved one because there was none that really cared about you and this made your Valentine’s day boring compared to the past ones, but how are you this morning?

I am sure you have neither grown taller nor grown a bigger nose. Maybe you have a new collection of gifts but have you grown wiser and smarter? How much love do you feel for yourself and for the world around you this morning?

Would you still feel loved or in love if the next show of affection from your spouse happens in the next 365 days? Trust me as you think in your heart so are you. This means your total well being is a reflection of your mental well being.

Why don’t you wrap your arms around yourself tightly this morning and say to yourself "Love is who I am not just what I do or what is done to me. I am in love with myself because I am simply the best of my kind."

Gifts or no gift; Val or no Val, remaining intact is all that matters and loving yourself is the heart of the matter.

Best Wishes.

GirlsAffair: Happy Valentine's Day

GirlsAffair: Happy Valentine's Day: The only Valentine that ever exist is in GOD Today's Topic: What Love is not 1. Love is not sex. 2. Love is not beauty or handsom...

Happy Valentine's Day

The only Valentine that ever exist is in GOD

Today's Topic: What Love is not

1. Love is not sex.
2. Love is not beauty or handsomeness.
3. Love is not cheap.
4. Love is not sampling.
5. Love is not secret, Love is open.
6. Love is not fame or family background.
7. Love is not just for the sweet times alone but also for the tough times.
8. Love is not blind.
9. Love is not pretense or deceitful.

Every man that is still cleaving to his parents after marriage is not normal
You must leave to cleave to your wife.

Any man that loves you will not tell you to go out of the order of your Creator.

Every sex outside marriage will destroy your destiny
God is angry with many people because destinies are altered due to sex

Why are you selling your DESTINY cheaply?

If you marry beauty, you may be marrying wrongly
Beauty can never satisfy you

For every LOVE in life, you must be ready to pay for it.

Any man that samples does not love.

If you are sampling around, you are an enemy of progress.

It is better to be late and end up in a sweet home.

If you don't see future in a man, don't marry him.

Many are FALLING in love instead of STANDING in love.

The best love in life is the LOVE OF JESUS.

Happy Valentine's Day.