The diary of Value

Value! What do you value in life? What you value will tell what your life is all about.

Value is something you cherish and take very important.

As a young dreamer, how much do you value your time? If you don't value your life, you can't value your time.

That reminds me of the primary school rhyme about time which says, "Tick says the clock, Tick tick, what you have to do, do quick."

You need to know how to manage your calender, else you won't have anything to count at the end of the day.

Time managers are destiny makers. Destiny makers are life changers. Life changers are world shakers. World shakers are record breakers. Record breakers are history makers.

What would you want generations to come to talk about you? Is it how you refused to generate great things or how you were able to turn history around because you valued it?

Pause & Ponder!
In my few years in life, I have come to the realization that the female gender is naturally blessed and endowed with the gift of talking, women are natural talkers but how effective is the content of their words in the family, at workplace, the society and personal relationship with people ?

While some women don’t know or realize the power in their tongue, some others know but misuse it. Maybe that is why God created the women as the supporters of the head in order to use our talking gift to liberate, bless and connect people to their greatness in life.

As a woman, you need to find your area of talking in which God has called you into; some are called into the area of counseling – but how often do you counsel the young around you?

Some are called into the area of teaching – both classroom teaching and non-educational form of teaching. In other words, impacting lives.

Some women are called into the area of preaching- this is one aspect women run away from, well, the reasons are best known to them.

More so, some women are called into the area of broadcasting, but what news are they spreading? While some are called into the area of marketing, sales representative and as a public relations officer.

However, no matter the area you have been called, there is always an awaiting audience for the content of your audio message. Search for it, do research and be focused.

Women are naturally blessed with the gift of talking, but how effective is that?

Thank you.