What is your moment of choice, when the road diverges?


Its Mid November now...Here's a little inspiration for your if you are a little
overwhelmed in life right now...

Do you at some point in time still tend to dwell in the land of "What if I do this..." and "Why didn't I earlier thought of this..." We as humans are pretty good at condemning and beating ourselves up and feeling guilty over regrets
on our choices...

"What if I have not listen to that Someone and chose that career instead?" or "What if I have persisted and stayed in that relationship?" The list of questions continued as long as we allow them inside our brains.

Why cry over spilt milk? We cannot do much about our past, so why not make the best of where we are now?

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens: but we often look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." ~ Helen Keller

We are not helpless to change anything. The greatest failure is no courage to try anymore. We are always at a moment of choice and will always be confronted to make new decisions in life...Let the past fades from view and be bold to move forward in life...

It is so often that in the new and unknown, miracles happen and potential unleashed...
You discover abilities that you never know you had...

Remember: Don't let precious time slip away while lamenting on past sorrows. There is no value in feeling depress and sad. Instead, it eats away your joy and peace. Opportunities are abounding and look for open doors instead...



Pause & Pounder.


The word challenges has two blocks in the form of letter 'l'.  All you need to do, to remove the blocks is an 'e' for effort.

So use the 'e' to remove the double 'l'  see what is left - Changes.

So next time you are faced with Challenges just look for vision blockers and add extra efforts to remove them, then you can see the changes you desire.

Remember nothing is impossible and the letters in impossible spelt I'm possible.

The letters in Opportunity is nowhere spells Opportunity is now here.

Your thoughts,  words,  and actions really defines who you really are.

I value you.