Make YOU a Priority...

It is important that you make time for yourself--you can't help others if you don't help yourself first. What's needed is radical self-care:

Be deliberate in your choices. We can't be all things to all people. Sort out what's really important to you and exercise your right to say no. Saying no is saying yes to yourself.

Alone Time. Set aside at least ten minutes daily to reflect; make it part of your routine. Your priorities are always changing. If you don't take stock of what you need and want, you'll be operating from what worked in the past.

Brag to You, About You. Do you get stuck on what you didn't do rather than what you've actually accomplished? Give yourself the credit you deserve; you do a lot.

I Value You. Cheers

The Importance of Dream Board

What are the advantages of having a Dream Board?
The advantages are as follows:-

‎1. It is a joyous and fun activity. It
allows us to become a child once more.

2. It clarifies our goals and is also a gentle ‎reminder to us to chase our goals and dreams.
Sometimes our morale is down. By looking at the ‎dream board at the wall will spur us once more.
3. It is a great tool to help us with
visualisation. Not many people can visualise ‎vividly. Therefore holding a mental picture of what we want for about ten to fifteen minutes a day will allow us to focus sharply and achieve our goals. Do you know that visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises that one can do?
Olympians use imagery as mental training.

4. It gives us a chance to think beyond our l‎imitations. It aids us in helping us to open up‎ and attract opportunities to transform those
dreams into reality.
5. It encourages us to take action. 
I hope we all learn something from the sharing
I Value You.‎