Two Categories

Your position in life is only relative not absolute.

When you are in problem, don't think it's the END, it is only a BEND.

In life there are two categories of people that are happy; the MAD and the CHILD... Be mad to achieve a goal. Be a child to enjoy what you've achieve.

Remember, there is no escalator to success only STEPS.

Be inspired.

GirlsAffair: Tips on Attracting Positive Energy

GirlsAffair: Tips on Attracting Positive Energy: How are you? I'd love to share with you 5 tips on attracting positive energy in your life today. We are all magnets. We at...

Tips on Attracting Positive Energy

How are you?

I'd love to share with you 5 tips on attracting positive energy in your life today.

We are all magnets. We attract. We attract the things we want or do not want. Whatever we focus on, will grow. 

That's why setting our energy right is extremely important. If we focus on the positive, we will attract the positive. If we focus on the negative, we will also attract the negative. 

So what are the ways some of the way to attract positive energy?

Positive Energy #1: Let Go of Your Past

Do you have a past that you are not proud of? It could be an addiction, failure or disappointment. Whatever it was, you need to let it go because you can't move on unless you let go of your old and heavy baggage. 

You may have done something wrong in the past but I would really love you to release the guilt because it is not helping you to attract the kind of future you want. Likewise, someone may have hurt you in the past. Let it go because that person is probably living a happier life than you are. 

Why torture yourself? Let it go!

Positive Energy #2: Stop Beating Yourself Up

"I am not good enough..", "I am never amount to anything..". Get rid of those thoughts because if you believe that you are not good enough, guess what - you are!

Instead, give yourself positive affirmations by saying, "I attract abundance!", "I am healthy!", "I attract healthy relationships in life" and guess what - you really do!

Like Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right!". 

Positive Energy #3: See the Good in Others

It is so easy to pin point the fault of others and yet we failed to see the weaknesses of ourselves. If you want to attract positive energy, you must learn to see the good in others instead of their bad. 

You can do a little test by giving more compliments than criticism and I can assure you, you will see more positive results than ever. 

Positive Energy #4: Use the Power of Reframing Your Mind

When bad things happen to you, what do you do? Do you blame the people, weather, the dog, the government and your emotions?

It is not so much of what happen to us that determines our outcome. It is really about how we react to what happens to us that determines the outcome. 

Are you nervous when you are about to give a sales presentation? Good, because your nervousness is telling you a message that you need to prepare even more! Does your medical report show that you have high cholesterol? Then good, it means it is sending you a message that you need to start running or doing workout. 

By reframing your mind, you will be more positive instead of worries and hence, you generate positive energy that will attract positive outcome in your life!

Positive Energy #5: Wake Up Early!

Remember those days you could party all night and wake up in the afternoon? Yes please keep on doing this IF YOU WANT TO FAIL!

If you want to be a better person, waking up early in the morning is a must. You are able to start your day well prepared and you will be surprised with how productive you can be and how much you can accomplish. 

Morning risers are the ones who change the world. Not the late risers. 

Be Inspired.

Make YOU a Priority...

It is important that you make time for yourself--you can't help others if you don't help yourself first. What's needed is radical self-care:

Be deliberate in your choices. We can't be all things to all people. Sort out what's really important to you and exercise your right to say no. Saying no is saying yes to yourself.

Alone Time. Set aside at least ten minutes daily to reflect; make it part of your routine. Your priorities are always changing. If you don't take stock of what you need and want, you'll be operating from what worked in the past.

Brag to You, About You. Do you get stuck on what you didn't do rather than what you've actually accomplished? Give yourself the credit you deserve; you do a lot.

Be Inspired.