Your Thought About Life

Hello 'babes',

Trust you are enjoying every bit of your weekend. Looking back, I conclude LIFE is inside turned out while some says it's a mystery. Everyone to its own opinion and philosophy but am sure you have your own definition of what life is to you. Yes! You do....

Remember, some people's journey will be so fast, some average and some can be very slow. That doesn’t mean we won't all get to our various destinations. Surely we will, with little time difference that makes everything in life fun.
Casting your mind back a little, am sure some of your classmates have relocated to other countries on the world, some are working and earning fantastic salaries, some are now graduates, some have gotten married, some have given birth, some are dead don't forget that too, some haven't even gained admission into the tertiary institution. But you know that feeling when you meet your classmate, and it seems like he/she has reached his dreams and you're not yet close to yours?

Yea, somehow feels like jealousy, its a normal feeling but you must not regret your life. We all are different and our path to greatness is not same in distance. Some might reach before you, some might reach after you but wherever level you are presently, please keep trying to break limitations and move further.

Celebrate the success of others, its an application for yours. Your friend buys a car now, be happy with him/her. Remember when you get yours, theirs wouldn't be the latest again.

Life is not by competition, if not we all will be born into one type of family, one religion and same in everything. The passion is in you, never quench the desire in you, keep it burning.

What you pass through, write it down because one day the world would be ready to read it. There's no height you cannot attain, if only you can believe in yourself and see endless positivity in whatever you do.

Define your goals and recognize distractions once they popped-up in your life journey, spend time teaching yourself, because the things that mainly take people to the top, is the things they devoted time to develop. Don't be intimidated by your fellows success, the sky is too wide that the birds can fly without touching themselves.



As a young woman growing up, if you don't believe that you have the potential to be one of the best there ever was at your chosen craft or skill, then you won't do what it takes to get there. 

So, be passionate about your choosing skill and press on to always be the best...


There is a vitality, a life-force,a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, the expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost-the world will not have it.

You do all you can to discover your unique ability in the advancement of your World.

Love Yourself to Leave a Successful Life.

 As a young lady out there, how well do you love yourself for a successful life, what you do, how you carry and compose yourself? This is very important for your growing up. 
If  you truly want to find the keys to promotion, happiness, success and abundance, you need to start by evaluating your own opinion of yourself. It’s not always easy to appreciate the hard work you put in every day, the difference you make in the lives of others, and the distance you’re willing to go to make your dreams come true. If it were easy, then everyone would do it, but before you even begin to think about things such as success and failure, you need to come to know yourself, and then you need to learn to love yourself.

Why is it Challenging to Love Ourselves?

It’s not easy, because as the saying goes, “we are all our own worst critics.” That saying, though it may be cliché, is absolutely correct. We find it difficult to love ourselves because we witness every mistake we make, every personality flaw we carry, every selfish tendency we possess, and we also are the one who knows exactly what we are capable of exhibiting at every point.
Learning to love yourself is not something that happens overnight, it is learned through experience and effort. Too often society teaches us that we need to look outside ourselves to find out who we really are, but I think the exact opposite is true. If you really want to understand more about your purpose in life, you need to turn inward, not outward. Turning outward will cause you to submit to the pressures of the world and be a person that you aren’t meant to be, but reflecting inward will connect you with your true self, and if you follow your instincts you will never be led astray.

How to Love Yourself

The more you reflect inward, the more you will learn about yourself, and through that learning you will come to appreciate what you have to offer the world. You will realize that you are stronger, more intelligent, and more talented than you have ever imagined. You will feel moved to share your gifts with the world, and over time that will transform you into an unselfish person who knows what it means to find success.
If the idea of loving yourself wholeheartedly is foreign to you, try taking the following steps and see what kind of difference it makes:

#1: Forgive Yourself for Past and Future Mistakes

Each one of us will make mistakes every day, so you might as well forgive yourself now and get it over with it. Once you learn to forgive yourself of mistakes and move forward, you will be better in control of your emotional state, which will allow you to continue pushing toward your goals of success when mistakes and failures do come up. And here’s a secret: they will always come up!

#2: Put Your Own Needs First Every Once in a While

Each one of us has our own personal needs, but usually we get too caught up taking care of the needs of others to make time to take care of ourselves. If you want to build more confidence and have positive feelings toward yourself, you need to ask yourself “Is this what I really want?” before you make any important decisions. Don’t make decisions based on the opinions of others, make decisions that are right for you. Over time you will love yourself more for being willing to trust your opinion and judgement.

#3: Make Time to do Things you Love!

The most successful people in the world rarely have a difficult time with their work, because they are involved in things they are deeply passionate about. You can take this same attitude with your life. If you aren’t doing things you love on a routine basis, what is the purpose of living? Of course, make sure you have time to attend to all of your responsibilities, but always leave extra time for the things you love most. Remember, your passion will keep you going and in turn feed you.
Hello Babes,

Always remember, "You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

Unfortunately, not everyone (most especially today’s youths) out there has the commitment to water, cultivate and care for that seed to make it grow into a deep-rooted tree that bears the fruits of success and abundance. Those who are successful have a conviction so deep that they are willing to do whatever it takes. They are willing to die for what they believe in. It’s that simple, period.

No matter what walk of life you come from, that doesn’t define your destiny. Where you were, does not determine where you are going to end up. Where you have been doesn’t matter, because you can become something greater.

You have been given certain talents that can help shape where life can take you. However, despite your natural born gifts, you have the ability to develop skills that with extreme practice and commitment, can take you far beyond what mere talent alone can do.

Remember, Talents come naturally, but skill is only developed by countless hours of dedication and hard work.

Many people have natural born talents and abilities, but left unrefined, and they will never result in any remarkable accomplishment in life. Practice trumps talent every time.

Take Usain St. Leo Bolt for instance.

We all know and believe that Usain Bolt was blessed with some amazing natural talent in sports - athletics. However, did you know that he was cut from his high school cricket team when his cricket coach notice his speed on the pitch and urged him to try track and field events? What if Bolt had taken that as a blow, and decided that athletics just wasn’t for him? What if he gave up, because his natural talent just didn’t get him where he wanted to be?

Bolt had a dream of becoming No. 1 in the world of athletics and he didn’t let this setback define who he was. Instead, he took his natural born talents and worked his tail off for hours upon end. He practiced tirelessly

A daily commitment to practice, exercise and dieting without fail for YEARS. Had he left his fate to natural talent alone, we would never have known the legend USAIN BOLT that we all know today. Usain Bolt was willing to work his guts out at any cost to accomplish his dream. And now, he is still known as the first man ever in history to win back-to-back gold medals on double sprints.

As a young girl, you have to be willing to work harder than anyone else if you want the kind of success you seek. While other people are going about life being entertained, the successful person is working and working with extreme dedication, consistency and perseverance. They understand that there is simply no easy way around it. No matter how talented you are, your talents can fail you if you have not honed them and developed them into skills.

If you don’t study and work hard and dedicate yourself to becoming better each and every day, then success will default to the ones who ARE putting in the necessary efforts, and you will be left on the bench of life watching others dreams being fulfilled.

Will Smith, one of the most successful actors of our time, said that when he was twelve years old, his father tore down a brick wall in front of their family business and told Will and his younger brother to rebuild the wall.

Will felt like this was an impossible task, but his father knew these boys could do it. So, he didn’t allow them to say they couldn’t do it. Every single day after school, these boys built that wall, brick by brick, until 18 months later, the wall was finished.

They had done it. After it was completed, the boys’ father looked at them and said, “Don’t ever tell me there’s something you CAN’T Do!”

Will said that when he first looked at the task of this giant brick wall that he had to build, it felt daunting and impossible. But, when he just looked at the task of just laying one brick, and doing the best he could to lay that one brick over and over, the task was no longer overwhelming. It just became a matter of daily consistency of laying each brick until the goal was finished.

I admonish you to always have the spirit of I CAN regardless of the overwhelming situation…

Here are seven things you should do to reach your life’s greatest potential…

1. Find your passion and pursue it.

If you are going to find true abundance and prosperity in life, you MUST do what you love. You know what it is. There is that ONE thing that you want to do more than anything else. You are so passionate about it and you love it more than anything else. PLEASE, go after your dream. It will not only make you happy but will sell you to the world.

2. Believe.

You must believe in your power, your potential, and your abilities. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. No action should take place without first intense belief. You can only act in accordance with the way you see yourself. If you don’t have faith in yourself, you will never achieve your goals.

3. Burn the bridges.

Don’t give yourself a way out. If you know that there is NO OTHER OPTION than the one you really want, you will realize you HAVE to make this work, because there is no plan B. You are fully invested, and all in.

4. Study and model someone successful.

If you are looking to accomplish a certain goal, find someone who has already done what you want to do, and copy what they did to get there. Get your hands on everything you can to teach you what you need to do, and immerse yourself in all of it. Rather than spending time watching TV, or wasting time, spend every spare moment reading and studying all you can about others who have done what you want to do.

5. Focus in on one thing at a time.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Just as the analogy of laying one brick at a time, you must focus in on one thing at a time. Choose what you want to do and try to put all your energy into that one thing.

6. Don’t be typical.

You’ve always heard the phrase, “Results not typical.” Well, if you don’t want typical results, then you need to go against the flow. 98-99% of people just go with the flow of life and accept ordinary results. Don’t settle. Dare to Be different.

7. Protect your dream.

Don’t let other people tell you what you can or can’t do. There will always be naysayers and haters. Let them hate on. People who believe they can’t do something themselves, think that no one else can do it either. So, they will tell you it can’t be done. Don’t listen to them. They are not YOU.


The 25 Best Qualities A Modern Girl

Do you consider yourself very smart in this present age?
Do you have all it takes to be high up there?
Do you call yourself a modern girl?

If you do, ‘Kudos’ to you!

However, let go through a few thought that can influence you as a modern girl positively.

Am sure you will love to read with me - The 25 Best Qualities A Modern Girl Should Have:

  1. Be the girl who is willing to take risks. Be the girl who can experiment and try new things without losing sight of her values

  1. Be the girl who is self-aware and recognizes her own flaws. The girl who continually strives to better herself. Be the girl who can take a compliment graciously. Be the girl who is humble in her achievements.

  1. Be the girl who is comfortable in her own skin; the girl that doesn’t let her insecurities stand in the way of her happiness. Be the girl who knows it’s okay to have insecurities but it’s not okay to give those insecurities the power to eat away at her.

  1. Be the girl who knows how to choose her battles wisely. Be the girl who will fight for what she believes in, but not fight for the sake of fighting.

  1. Be the girl who knows how to apologize for her mistakes. Be the girl who refuses to apologize for her feelings, beliefs, or morals.

  1. Be the girl that has faith in something bigger than herself. It can be faith in anything — just always have some type of faith.

  1. Be the girl that wears her heart on her sleeve, who is capable of being vulnerable, who can live without fear of being broken-hearted. Be the girl that can have the strength to be hurt but not broken.

  1. Be the girl who is compassionate and empathetic; who will lend a hand when she can to a complete stranger, and who will listen without a judgmental ear.

  1. Be the girl who sees the best in people, but does not ignore the worst. Be the girl that can take her own advice.

  1. Be the girl who knows how to forgive. Be the girl who knows how to gracefully accept an apology. Be the girl who, when she accepts an apology, doesn’t bring the issue up again at a future time in an unrelated fight.

  1. Be the girl who is smart enough to know when it’s time to let something or someone go. Be the girl who leads instead of follows.

  1. Be the realistic girl; the one who has reasonable standards and doesn’t compromise for them. Be the girl who refuses to settle for anything less than she absolutely deserves.

  1. Be the girl who lives by the rule of thumb that if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it behind their back.

  1. Be the girl who sticks to her words. Be the girl who does everything within her power to not break a promise. Be the girl who gives other people the benefit of the doubt.

  1. Be the girl who works for what she wants. Be the girl who would rather earn her way rather than cheat her way through life.

  1. Be the girl who does not need a significant other in her life, who can thrive on her own, and does not need someone else’s affection to validate her self-worth.

  1. Be the girl who owns her sexuality, who is unashamed of it, and who can be sexual in a physically and mentally healthy way. Be the girl who will not let anyone else own her sexuality.

  1. Be the girl who owns her sexuality, who is unashamed of it, and who can be sexual in a physically and mentally healthy way. Be the girl who will not let anyone else own her sexuality.

  1. Be the girl who is able to express herself in ways that words cannot. Be the girl who is kind to everyone, not just her equals or superiors.

  1. Be the girl who knows when to listen and when to speak. Be the girl who uses her hands and her words to heal rather than to harm.

  1. Be the girl who gives her all in a relationship, fearlessly. Be the girl who does not hold a man in comparison to the men of her past. Be the girl who does not let past hurts affect a current relationship.

  1. Be the girl who owns her fears. Be the girl unafraid to admit she has fears. Be the girl willing to overcome fears.

  1. Be the girl who learns from the past. Be the girl who does not dwell on what she did or didn’t do, but accepts it for something she cannot change.

  1. Be the girl who will look people in the eyes as she speaks to them, who chooses her words wisely, and thinks before she makes a major decision.

  1. Be the girl who is an open book, who is unashamed of any past mistakes. Be the girl who recognizes that possessing these traits makes her a woman.